This unit in addition to having the same features as the Alarm Unit, it also has an additional relay out put to control the operation of an implement.


For example the ability to raise the vehicle's bed or boom only if below a safe vehicle angle. The unit shown has a Molex waterproof automotive connector. It also has the ability to be programed for two different alarm and  operating conditions (Selectable by a pin in the connector)


This makes it possible to only stock one unit for two different applications when used by an Original Equipment Manufacturer.

In this demonstration the rotary table is being driven slowly so it is possible to see the three distinctive levels of warning that can be given  seen by the center LED.


In this example the Left LED is the Implement Enabled indicator. You will see that the implement is enabled even during the first warning level (Slow Beep). As the table continues to rotate increasing the angle you will notice the middle LED will flash rapidly (Fast Beeping) and the implement LED turns OFF (For example Cutting Blades)


As the angle continues to increase the center Alarm LED will be full on as a final alarm of eminent Danger. We use and recommend Floyd Bell Alarms for reliability.

The above demonstration is moving very slowly so you can better see the alarm points as they change.