Basic Instructions. Wire connections for the unit are straight forward


The black wire is ground connected to any suitable ground on the machine preferably was another group of wires going to a screw or bolt to the frame.


The red wire which is the power wire should be connected after the ignition switch (not at the battery). It is necessary for this to be turned on and off with the key switch in order to reset the unit if it is tripped. The unit is reverse polarity protected and it also has a built-in surge suppressor. It should be noted that when you first apply power there is a short delay before the relay is energized, while the microprocessor is initiated. More than likely the instrument cluster has the same delay.


The next group of wires are the relay wires. The relay contacts are rated for 10 amp. One convenient place to get into the safety circuit is the Seat Switch. Most seat switches only have two wires and the seat contact closes when you are not in the seat. If this is the case the contacts are Open when occupied. In this case use the blue wire and the green wire. They would be connected  1 each to the two wires  going to the switch . See the drawing . This combination will be connected together when there is a fault or no power, so therefore it duplicates the operator being out of the seat.