It also comes with 2 of the 3M Adhesive pads IF needed



The RED wire is to be connected to the Load side of the Ignition switch. So that when the switch is turned OFF there is NO power to the unit. IF there is a FAULT (Tip Over) the unit MUST be turned OFF and back ON after at least 5 Seconds to reset.


The Ground is the return to the battery, in most cases the frame.


The Output Relay will be turned ON when the GREEN LED is ON, indicating there is NO Tip Over or FAULT.


In the NO FAULT condition, the BLUE and YELLOW are switched together.


IF there is a FAULT then the  BLUE and GREEN are switched together.


This is a 10 AMP. Relay, to turn off the fuel or ignition.  It can also be used to sound a loud external alarm. The trip angle is 45 Deg. +/-10 Deg.

Below are some examples of how to wire this unit. Also the CDI and Magneto shut off line is connected to a position on the ignition switch, it connects to ground in the off position.

If installation is not something you feel comfortable with doing it could easily be bone by whoever does the maintenance on your machine.